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Juste coconut water
is totally pure

Absolutely nothing added. No preservatives and no added sugar to get you hooked. Just wam-bam packed full of vital electrolytes to replenish what's lost in our day-to-day living! The bonus is our golden nectar is low in natural sugar and a fair dinkim low calorie beverage. Let's not get ahead of ourselves folks, we all still need our two litres of water per day, but when your taste buds are itchin’ for some flavour, you know where we are.

High fives
to the tetra guys!

Like thousands of beverages around the world, Juste is packed into a TetraPak. These guys are committed producing packaging which minimises the dependency on nasty preservatives. Because of their good work, we get to deliver Juste to you good folk without adding a single drop of preservatives.

Juste a little
more about us

Juste was hatched back in 2013 from an idea that good food does not need to carry a premium price tag. We know - bucking the trend right? On top of this, we believed that if we couldn't produce our affordable coconut water without being fair to our producers by way of payment and conditions, we simply wouldn't do it.

Launching in mid-2016, we have succeeded in delivering on our founding motivations, producing a fair, affordable, healthy, conscious, tasty-as-hell, kick-ass coconut water. We can’t wait to tell the world about it!

Probably even more exciting is building towards our cause. Like many social enterprises before us, helping the community was integral to our very existence. That’s why we decided to start the process towards making those most in need our shareholders. Very soon, Juste will officially become not-for-profit, as we look to aiding the fight against poverty and food security in Australia and abroad. That is definitely something worth jumping around for!

When everyone is happy, anything is truly possible. Welcome to Juste

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need it

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So what's good
and what's not?

There's so much floating about these days about what's good for you and what's not. We believe coconut water is good for you, but like all things, we advise consumption in moderation. If you want to read more about our coconut water, we'll be posting articles from our favourite nutritionist, so check back soon.

We can all do our little bit for a brighter tomorrow. So when you see this symbol, do your best to recycle this little bad boy. Check back soon for more on our environmental policy.